Okay, it’s done, for a while at least. It’s not green… but so what? Of course, there’s only one browser on this computer, so I could be missing something. Netscape users, anything wonky?

Suddently, just this evening, I’ve started to feel at home again. The whole week has been a bit lonely, really, especially since so many of my shiny new friends from Danish class had left for Prague or Budapest or Hamburg or someplace. Riding the bus home from a night on the town, no matter how much fun I had just had, I always wound up feeling isolated and even a bit sepulcheral passing through all the concrete blocks and construction projects on Amager. It’s the perfect breeding ground for all manner of paranoid, quirky, desolate thoughts. By the time I got back, I usually just went to bed and hugged the corner of my sleeping bag to my chest. Now that classes are going to start, and people are coming back to town, things just have a bit more momentum, and momentum is really all it takes to keep me from falling into a late night brood.

Speaking of classes, I actually have to be someplace by noon tomorrow, and also clean the kitchen tonight. I’d best stop with the introspection before it kills me.

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