Wine and Jellybeans

If ever there was a wine that was built to go with Christmas candy, this Country Red from Missouri would be that wine. It’s very sweet and fruity, yet still classified as semi-dry… someday, when my sweet tooth is overacting again, I might try a sweet wine from the same winery. Uff da.

Meanwhile, Christmas tradition in my family holds that we should spend the entire day in pajamas, grazing on candy and leftovers and playing with toys, so I’m doing just that. I’ve been doodling around a redesign for this thing, too, but I’m short of inspiration at the moment. So, gentle readers, would you care to give me an arbitrary constraint or three? Rules and limits usually make me more inventive.

From the Department of the Coolest Things Ever: they found a new squid! It’s not one of those giant sperm whale-fighting squid, but it’s pretty damn cool nonetheless. Plus you can watch videos of it playing with a submersible.

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