new blog

My prodding has finally paid off: grid got himself a blog. That makes two (count ’em, two) people I met first in realityland who have moved in to blogland with me. Hooray! It’s such a convenient way to keep abreast of far-flung gossip.

And I’m such a lazy git.

Also: fun Bible quizzes! I did quite badly on most of them, including the timely whose god is more vicious?. But, from someone whose childhood cosmology placed the baby Jesus on a level with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, what else can you expect?

If you’re in Denmark, have fun setting your clocks back. I know I will; I can never remember how to reset the time on any of my cute digital watches, and always discover new features each time I try. Who knew that for 99 cents I’d also be getting a bizarre stopwatch that doesn’t seem to work at all?

Oi. God nat.

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