so you noticed

Now is a good time to start the deluge of “it looks funny in Boogle Browser 1.2 for BeOS” complaints. And if you want to know which drug inspired me, it was pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. That shit always makes my head feel like a puffer fish.

Oh, and since time zones, according to blogger, are to be applied across the entire range of blog archives and therefore cannot be changed mid-week, I’ve decided to put myself in Greenwich for ever and ever amen. If you want to know things about my local-time habits, you’ll simply have to subtract a few hours.

The only thing wrong is that my ears don’t move like flippers, and also I don’t have spines coming out of my cheeks. Otherwise I’d make a great puffer fish. And also I don’t have any powerful neurotoxins in portions of my flesh, but that can be remedied. Blug, blug, glugg.

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