hoom, hoom

It seems like all the half-assed holidays are in winter. Except Columbus Day. And Veterans Day.

There goes that theory.

By all rights this ought to be a very trendy holiday, since there are infinitely many people who can talk about modern-day nonviolent protest movements, the detailed biographies of the 1954 Supreme Court justices, how to overcome racism using astrology, how they were only 20 miles away from a protest march once or something else equally relevant, and they’re all willing to do it at your organization’s luncheon. Furthermore, we’ve made the exactly right amount of progress eliminating racism to have a really good holiday about it: we can all feel proud of ourselves as a culture for not having slavery or segregated water fountains, and we can also feel superior to our neighbors because we just finished a sensitivity training course and they didn’t. But, this is January and crappy picnic weather for most of the country, not to mention that we’re all paying off our Christmas debt.
So I think I partook of some aspect of national consciousness when I felt a very weak impulse to do something frivolous or commemorative with my day off, maybe eat free food at a community picnic while some old coot reminisces about Selma, and then went grocery shopping and did homework instead. Happy Martin Luther King day. Or Wellington’s Anniversary day or whatever your banks are closed for this week. Try not to be a racist while you do your laundry.


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