I just can’t do it – not when there are two other people sitting in the computer lab, playing pinball, with sound effects. Cogent thought is nearly impossible under these conditions… unless of course that thought is about pinball. Zooooom.

cat enemaSo instead, it’s time to clear my system of random crap. Normally, web sites describing how to give a cat an enema are incredibly boring, but this one has such great illustrations…

Rasmus is starting a review project that works much in the style of Blogger Insider – and lucky for me, it happens over spring break. Sign up and tell your friends.

Here is an excerpt from a recent email, illustrating how one might go about obtaining an oxygen regulator, if one lives near a university campus which operates largely on trust:

About six months ago Rick in the Physics machine shop was asked by a
young woman he thinks was from Geology if she could borrow an oxygen
regulator. He loaned her an oxygen tote, hose, and regulator, but
they haven’t been returned yet, and he would like to have them back.


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