Heart Moon Puppy Love Muffin

Though I was going to play with the Dada engine last night, and come up with a clever script to generate random mushy love notes and automatically mail them to a certain someone every 15 minutes throughout the day, it took too much effort to compile the thing and I was tired.

So instead I did a couple decidedly non-romantic things to mark the day – gave out Hello Kitty paper valentines to various kids in the dorm, and went in for a pap smear. The doctor told me that I should lift weights in sets for endurance, to keep my figure thin and sylph-like, and that because she had noticed the shadow of fuzz on my upper lip she wanted to start me off on a higher-estrogen birth control pill. I wanted to ask, is that the only reason? has your experience shown that women are more likely to follow doctor’s orders if you appeal to their desire to be beautiful? I always thought my mustache was mostly normal, but complicated by the fact that I’ve dark hair and pale skin – can you sit down and explain how my hormone stew affects it? but I didn’t – after all, five minutes ago this woman had been prodding my cervix with a pointy stick.

I’ve got another year and a half on my parents’ insurance with my wonderful family doctor back in Iowa – now I’m determined to make the most of it.

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