Happy Boys and Girls

Someone has a mundane question for once:

how are the jobs coming? Have you started already?

Oh yes, that. I’ve started work, with a bit of an erratic schedule, but it’s work. It’s okay – enough of a challenge to be interesting, but not so hard as to be stressful. After all, your average faculty member doesn’t have much of a web page – so life only gets hairy when they want it pretty in Netscape 4. Why hasn’t that browser disappeared yet, again?
*grumble, whine*

I telecommute the two blocks to campus. They won’t give me an office. Which is fine, because the Abba Euro Mega Mixx has become my indispensible productivity tool and I doubt anyone else could stand it. I can’t stand it myself, half the time.

My current work playlist consists of Abba, Aqua, endless remixes of the Safri Duo bongo song, a smatter of Latin pop, and punk covers of television theme songs. It’s bouncy. It’s relentless. It’s sickening. It’s addictive. It’s getting a bit old.



  1. francis s. wrote:

    Sounds like a bad Scandicpop diet.
    I recommend a little Bach in the morning taken with your orange juice for all your vitamin and mineral needs.

  2. yami wrote:

    Well, there *is* Vanessa Mae’s trash-techno violin prelude… hmm…

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