Either I should still be working really hard right now, or I have already completed enough work to finish my finals in a somewhat leisurely fashion. I don’t know which. The thing is, we were supposed to have one more data processing homework, in lieu of a final; the prof ended class last week with a promise to send it out “probably tomorrow.” I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten any email from him yet… so if the world works as it should, the set will disappear. On the other hand, the world doesn’t always work as it should.

Clearly, the correct thing to do is blog and play NetHack. And while I’m blogging, I feel compelled to address this thing about how Trent Lott is a big fat racist. There’s been an astonishing lack of flack from the usual flack-flinging media heads (or so people claim; the usual flack-flinging media heads are quite different from the ones who appear in my textbooks), and I think it’s because everyone is still living in fantasyland: we are far too advanced for a big fat racist to be elected to a leadership position the U.S. Senate, aren’t we? He must have just eaten too much birthday cake, and his strong feelings about welfare reform and the Great Society got the better of him.

And that party featured a troupe of singing, dancing, flying pigs. But hey, if flying pigs allow us to think nice thoughts about the state of Mississippi, why not?


  1. Boony wrote:

    I wish I was blogging during my finals. I could have wasted time so much more constructively than I did at the time. All I did was play addictive computer games and get drunk.
    Good luck with the world working as it should.
    Just thought I’d say I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and it’s pretty damn cool. But then you knew it was pretty damn cool already.
    I’ll shut up now.

  2. chris wrote:

    what’s for supper?
    -pickled herrings
    and beer?
    -and beer.
    that trent lott is such a racist…
    I heard he saw Barbershop five times!
    If only there were more Dixiecrats in powerful positions of authority then I wouldn’t have to keep all of this racism pent up inside-
    since when did al gore appoint himself as America’s know-it-all laureate?
    he looks like he’s been working out.
    speaking of laureates what’s your opinion on the whole Amiri Baraka scandal?

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    He said, he was tired at two
    in the afternoon, so tired
    he wanted to sleep allnight long
    wake up at two the next day.
    He said, he felt so old
    with every day, so old
    he wanted to find his way home
    and become his grandfather.
    I would knock on his door, asking
    Are you still there? Are you still there?
    Chief Victor

  4. Steph wrote:

    Speaking of Al Gore, can you believe that he’s hosting Saturday Night Live this week?? I thought it was a joke at first, but no. How is that even possible for his to really host SNL?? Is he not the most un-funny person alive?? Not that SNL has been all that funny lately, but geez, couldn’t they at least try??

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    He’s hosted SNL before…

  6. Chris wrote:

    Al Gore is the funniest man on earth, bar none

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