Dilemma Part 2

I am completely out of clean underwear. This leaves me with two choices:

  1. Go commando on the airplane.
  2. Do laundry.



  1. Boony wrote:

    Going commando would be much more fun, I reckon. That’s where my vote goes, anyway.

  2. chris wrote:

    you wear underwear?

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    (three-word label of the moon)
    “vanilla, canela crescent.”

  4. chris wrote:

    is your real name then, Jaime or Sammi(y), or mammy
    (your parents were al jolsen fanatics)
    Mtv should have done a “fan” on Lawrence Welk before he up’d and died… sorry mutherfuker.
    why do people die?

  5. Kat wrote:

    I say go commando. Besides, it’ll only make it that much more fun if airport security decides they need to do more extensive searches of your person.

  6. chris wrote:

    James Brown the Healer

  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I said James Brown the HEALER!

  8. Anonymous wrote:

    …James Brown the witchdoctor

  9. Anonymous wrote:

    I love myself at five in the morning, in the library, listening to Qawwali whilst writing a critical essay on form and code-switching in Native American poetics I really love me!

  10. yami wrote:

    Well, that makes me feel a bit better about my early-morning Abba habit.

  11. chris wrote:

    right on! tiger

  12. Q wrote:

    Right on…! Eh… I love you! Your blog, that is. Thanks for the giggle. Expect some more hits from lil’ ol’ me.

  13. yami wrote:

    Oh, and Chris – guess again

  14. chris wrote:

    seriously, amy?

  15. yami wrote:

    Not even close.

  16. Anonymous wrote:

    c’mon it must have some phonological connection to Yami

  17. yami wrote:

    Nah, I was three years old when I spelled my name this way. Any phonological connection is tenuous at best, but there are three letters in common.

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