Miss Manners at the INS

Dear Miss Manners:

I have no comment on the latest INS fuckup – after all, every government agency likes to make a big high-profile bust now and then, but when you’re dealing with the INS you can’t possibly expect a big bust that’s not also a big fuckup – but there’s a smaller fuckup with a heartwarming heroine that caught my eye. In short, they want to send a woman back to Afghanistan after giving political asylum to her eight siblings.

If I had my way, of course, being a woman in Afghanistan would earn you automagick political asylum. But that’ll never happen, so I have another question. Let’s say I’m a red-blooded American bachelor from Plano – would it be rude to ask this woman to marry me? She’d get a smoother path through immigration, I’d get lower insurance rates, we’d both be happy, right?

[link via Alas, A Blog]


  1. chris wrote:

    I fucking hate this country so much,
    there’s no fucking silver lining,
    there’s not even a goddamn shred of any lining.
    I just don’t understand the people who come to this country for purposes other than political asylum, it sucks and I’m gonna get the hell out of here as soon as possible. Best country on earth?, my ass!

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