The thing I like about New World letter grades (as opposed to numerical marks) is that you feel ever so special when you get a vowel. I got a bunch of I’s last term, seeing as how I was in Iowa most of finals week; now I’m debating the merits of putting an E on top of one of my I’s to make a singable nonsense song in the registrar’s computer (E is a special Caltech grade that stands for “Extension” – which is something sympathetic profs are allowed to give well past the end of the grading period). First, however, I will spend some time running around like a chicken with its head lopped off, trying to finish last term and keep up with the current one.

If I had actually done half the things I was planning to do last weekend, this wouldn’t be quite so much of a problem; but I didn’t. I did, however, acquire a nice pair of shoes and a large cast iron skillet for the princely sum of $5. Hollywood always has the best garage sales.

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