Colossal Squid

They’ve found a specimen of ginormous squid, more or less intact. I always forget about the parts of the world that can still be mapped in pictures of dragons and sea serpents – probably because nobody actually draws dragons on maps any more, which is a damn shame.

I’m taking two paleobiology courses this term, as a hopefully gpa-enhancing lark. I spent two hours yesterday discussing various ways to make squiggly marks on rocks [link is only useful to those with a privileged IP address, sorry], and this morning watched a video on cnidarians prior to discussing various extinct things that might or might not be sponges. I’m going to start doodling dragons on my notebooks.


  1. Steph wrote:

    The link worked for me… I am privileged and I didn’t even know it!

  2. billy bob joe wrote:

    ya for big squids!!!! more squid for me!!!! -_-

  3. logan wrote:

    these squid are huge, but….go eatin

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