Toothpaste Discrimination

My student housing comes with maid service every other week, which is wonderful – there’s no way any of us would remember to clean the toilets otherwise. But every time the maids clean the bathroom, they put my tube of toothpaste in the drawer, while leaving my bathroommate’s out on the counter.

Needless to say, I am mystified. I don’t think they know who owns which toothpaste, so they probably aren’t taunting me for my lack of Canadian citizenship. It might be an attempt to enforce some kind of counter symmetry, since my toothpaste lives on the left side of the sink with the toothbrush cup, the Listerine, the hand soap, the spare conditioner and the shaving accessories, while my roommate’s lives on the right side with only a half-empty bottle of cough syrup and some saline solution for company. Or the maids might not like the Aquafresh package design. Or it’s something to do with aliens and tarot cards and how we’re actually all living in 70 A.D.; who knows?

It’s probably time to go make fun of Canada for a while; that often solves many mysteries.


  1. Kat wrote:

    You get maid service? Sweet. That would solve half my suitemate problems… they think my roommate and I don’t clean the bathroom well enough. We think they are spoiled little bitch-princesses. If we had a maid clean the bathroom and they still didn’t like it they could just do it themselves and not bitch to us. If someone could come in and enforce a 15-minute maximum shower time during rush hour I might even not mind living next to them.

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