Kkore 1: the Stack

I’m in that disagreeable state where I need a nap, and I want a nap, but every time I lay down I just wake up again. On the other hand, the thrill of banging on the doors of innocents for no good reason, and watching them scrub their study-weary eyes in disbelief, was worth every minute I spent cursing my 6 AM alarm. Fake ditch days are fun, even if no one was convinced by my silly fake stack.

But enough about that. The pressing issues of the day are automotive (the check went through, I get the title tomorrow!). I’m dead-set against those Calvin peeing stickers, and most of the slogan-stickers I see are dumb – on the other hand, I’m probably going to drive this car into the ground, so I’m not terribly worried about sticker-goo depressing the resale value. Hippie flowers are always nice, and flames would have incredible irony value…. How should I decorate?

Second, am I the kind of person that names cars? My old high school pickup didn’t have a name; I occasionally tried to refer to it as Mulchmobile, but it never stuck. But then, I knew that truck for a long time before I ever drove it, so that doesn’t really count; I had no right to name it. What kind of person does name cars?


  1. Manger wrote:

    Hey…I name cars!

  2. yami wrote:

    Okay, what kind of person are you? I really didn’t mean to disparage…

  3. Manger wrote:

    I am a crazy Dutch bastard. For more about who I am, check my website. I am obsessed with making things go faster. Hmm…I really don’t know who I am. Sure, I play drums, do well in school, play golf, work on cars, risk certain death on my 3 hp minibike, but those are my hobbies. Someone please help me find out who I am.

  4. Iowan wrote:

    The truck had a name–it was “the truck” as opposed to “the van”–names come with a car–like “peppy” due to the add in the paper,”shot rod” due to the fact it caught on fire on the first trip it made,”El Cruso” due to the smoooooth ride on the highway —so best think fast or it will die like mulchmobile—smogger? –due to the fact it didn’t pass inspections yet?

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