Someone Hates Me!

A momentous event, which I have negelectfully not recorded until now: my very first hate mail! Hoorah!

you and your blog both suck. I’m taking you out of my bookmarks and never, I swear to jeebus almighty, am going to visit this dreadfully boring blog again. good day to you sir.

Ah, and what a good day it is, to be recognized with hate mail! I do suspect its veracity, but it’s the thought that counts. And there’s also an insightful comment at the bottom of this entry. The rest of the chatter is more mundane:

i hate bugs

Even bugs with green eyes? I hate them too. Hideously fun-colored things.

A monkey is a fallen angel. A monkey is a fallen soldier. A monkey is a monkey pirate.

Monkey pirates! Walk the plank, arr!


  1. mandy wrote:

    u suck u are stupid and i hare u i am popular and better than u!good day to ya!

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