Learning from Experience

How long does one have to live in the desert before realizing that cactuses are hateful? They seem fuzzy and tasty, but they hate you with a deep, abiding, and very personal hatred, which they express at every opportunity by launching time-release milli-spikes into your wrists. Never underestimate a cactus. I spent an hour plucking my palms.

The jury’s still out on the tasty for this particular variety (beavertail?), though it’s clearly somewhere between mild and flavorless. Orangerine-clove pound cake with tea, on the other hand… ahh.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    If cacti could speak …

  2. Rana wrote:

    It’s the “soft” fuzzy-looking ones you have to watch out for. Think psychotic teddy bears. I like the ones with big, easy-to-avoid spines, though.

  3. yami wrote:

    Yep, the soft-looking ones are them what got me…psychotic teddy bears is a good analogy.

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