Someone Has a Riddle

Oooh, oooh, riddles!

none will ride me. that not true.

I guess… a wild mustang with a limited grasp of English grammar, soon to be captured by a talented horse whisperer in need of a lucky break! Sounds like a good children’s book to me.

Dead monkey steeds? I don’t think so. Next guess?

You didn’t tell me it was a dirty riddle! But as Kim Jong Il says, sex is just another dialectic. Which is good because my bourgeois self was expecting bad famine jokes on that page, not bad communism jokes.

i like

You know, I do too. It’s the only White House press release I’ve seen in years that doesn’t induce vomiting! Hooray for having some ribs.

chicken fried stake fried chicken

Ribs, and chicken fried wooden stakes. Proof that the way to a vampire’s heart is through his stomach.


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