Linky Roundup

Apparently I’m not the only one who was internet-starved all weekend.* The RSS is full! Here’s some of what it’s full of:

  • Item 1007: custom-colored matches. This is the kind of random shit you are supposed to feed your Bayesian link machine. It’s not the funniest random shit in the world, but it’s a start. Now if only I could get it to stop recommending programmer food
  • The U.S. State Department endorses Times New Roman, claiming that it is “clear, crisp and more modern”. Clarity and crispness are perhaps subjective judgments (I’ve never been a Times Roman fan m’self) but modernity is not. Courier was developed for IBM typewriters, and redrawn for the IBM Selectric, circa 1960 [1] (though it didn’t get its own republic until 1996). Times New Roman is pre-WWII (and has a hotel) [2]. Thus, Times New Roman is clearly not more modern than Courier New! The Bushies lied to us again!
    Thankfully, State Department telegrams may still be printed in a fixed-width font.
  • How much is your personal information worth? I think there was some sort of reason that Flash wouldn’t work on my computer. Maybe I’ll go figure out what that reason was.
  • Turkey-drawn wagon! Repeat several times, varying the emphasis from “turkey” to “wagon” and adding extra punctuation as you see fit.
  • Kamelsn kaos! But was Aftonbladet really beaten to the AP wire by a Florida television station?
  • Joe Jonah Euclid has a blog – a blog dedicated to him, that is, as no-one seems to know what happened to the endearingly schizoid leafletter himself.

*Internet Starvation: The DSL started burping to death when subjected to 10 minutes of solid downloading. Fixing it meant moving the modem to the living room, where it could have a shorter leash. Mr. Wireless Man did not need to buy a fancy wireless adaptor or a new, longer ethernet cable in this situation; I did. Arguments to the effect of “any network configuration which allows more than 10 minutes of continuous downloading is almost certainly illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act” were of no use. Arguments to the effect of “this device costs many money and probably requires a new operating system, while this cable is inexpensive and only slightly ugly” were very nearly of no use. But I won in the end!

Apparently, we were supposed to decorate the house in something other than Ghetto Nerd. Who knew?


  1. des wrote:

    No kamelstory in Aftonbladet, h s. In Sweden’s defence (”defense”) I draw your attention to the NYT’s op-ed Democrat candidate horoscopes…
    And Expressen (which I don’t much like) had the scoop.

  2. yami wrote:

    Ah, but the horoscopes only prove that freedom of the press is alive and well in the FDRUSA. No politico-economic repression for fluff of any kind! It’s as accurate as most punditry anyway.
    And I hope you don’t mind that I deleted your first half-born comment. All in the name of integrity!

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