Psychic Coincedences Abound

Last night I dreamed I was in charge of Walter Mondale’s funeral arrangements. We had to keep his body on the couch until I could find a church to hold the service and arrange for pickup by a mortuary. This morning, I learned that
Ronald Reagan died on Saturday! Coincedence? I think not!

In the dream, Walter Mondale was actually a news anchor, and not a former vice-president. So I hereby claim credit for psychic prediction of anything bad that happens to Walter Cronkite today, too.


  1. mariaduval wrote:

    Well, dreaming of funeral usually could mean a change in your life attitude or emotional balance. It may be symbolizing fear of death or change. In fact, most death dreams could mean major change in life so never have to be panic if you have one. Nice blog you’ve got by the way.

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