Fava vs. Corn

The L.A. Times today this week: Oh, blah blah blah grills, blah blah blah fava beans! We found an adequate substitute for corn on the cob! – silly L.A. Times! I’m still deeply suspicious of people who put “corn on the cob” and “grilling” in the same paragraph. I understand on an intellectual level that grilling is a potentially acceptable way of handling corn, particularly inadequate corn. But.

  1. Corn is to be boiled.
  2. No crazy yuppie beans can possibly be as satisfying as corn on the cob.
  3. In any climate where fresh local produce is available year-round, corn-on-the-cob satisfaction is at best an agreeable illusion anyway.
  4. So there.

I’m in Iowa for a wedding this weekend, but the sweet corn ain’t quite here yet, sigh.


  1. Michelle wrote:

    I like it both grilled and boiled. I agree, and really, very few things are as satisfying as a crispy ear of fresh sweet corn. I’m not into the extras though. Slathered in butter with salt and pepper is the way I go. Herbs are for other veggies. Keep your herbs off my corn.

  2. yami wrote:

    You put pepper on your corn? Pffft. That’s as bad as herbs, really.

  3. Michelle wrote:

    Well… I put pepper on most everything. Lots of it.

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