Debate Livesnarking

Well. Peter isn’t sufficiently appreciating my debate-related witticism, but he did bring home delicious beer. And I’m stealing his laptop to cast pearls among Internets, hoorah!

  • 7:30 – Yeah, it ended right on time. I’m hungry. And I bet people in Wisconsin and Ohio and Indiana are hungry too.
  • 7:27 – Wait, is this a closing statement? The food hasn’t even arrived yet! And why didn’t Kerry refer to any swing states?
  • 7:22 – In all this talk about Russia, Bush never quite gets around to mentioning that he doesn’t believe in checks and balances either… take a drink!
  • 7:15 – they’re talking about “wilting”. Presidential candidates are all lovely and unique flowers!
  • 7:13 – “I don’t think [a difference of character] is my job or my business” – aahhh. That’s a lovely sentiment.
  • 6:54 – I didn’t think anything said in this debate could change my vote… but it’s time to order Thai food and we still haven’t heard about Kerry’s stance on delicious shrimp tom kha. One well-timed stalk of lemongrass could put California in play.
  • 6:41 – OH SHIT! John Kerry is wearing a RED tie, and George Bush is wearing a BLUE tie! The major parties are telling us something here and I think I should vote Green again. Also, the moderator is wearing a red tie. Oh, shit. Liberal media my ass.
  • 6:35 – I’m downgrading “gratuitous mention of a swing state” from two drinks to one.


  1. Harrison wrote:

    A drinking game! If only I had known the rules!
    I had to make up my own, over and over.

  2. yami wrote:

    The rules I played by were:


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