Hello world!

Okay, this is the WordPress sandbox post! I’m still working on the design, and reassigning old entries to new categories – the mineral puns were cute, but getting old and generally not very useful.

Does anyone know how I get my name to stop showing up as “admin” in the comments? I’ve set it to “yami” in my user profile but it’s just not sticking. – so that one wasn’t so hard.

Next question: why isn’t the hierarchical category list functioning as advertised? Answer: hide_empty was turned on.

Other transition issues: the import from MT went smoothly, but it seems to have auto-pinged everything all over again. D’oh! My apologies if you’ve just been slammed with a ton of duplicate trackbacks.


  1. Graham wrote:

    Kubrickr: http://www.redalt.com/Tools/kubrickr.php

  2. admin wrote:


  3. wolfangel wrote:

    This is an awfully exciting post.

  4. yami wrote:

    That’s better. I suppose it doesn’t matter that it’s not retroactive.

  5. des von bladet wrote:

    Every once in a while I think I really ought to move off Diaryland and take control of my own destiny an’ ting.
    And then it occurs to me that that would be work, and I hate work, so I don’t.

  6. yami wrote:

    s/work/hobby – it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
    Email notification of new comments is apparently not working. Boo.

  7. des von bladet wrote:

    If (and only if) you run out of things to hobby on, a “save details” checky-box would certainly be a welcome addition…

  8. yami wrote:

    So noted; it’s on the hobbyhorse.

  9. denisdekat wrote:

    I love your new look, very nice!

  10. yami wrote:

    Thanks! I can’t take too much credit, though, it’s just the default scheme with some new colors… I have a look of my very own to install at some point here, once I figure out how to set up a proper archive index.
    So much to tweak! And my Google-ju! Grmrnrnr.

  11. Harrison wrote:

    Hey, nicely done transition. Like how the new place looks. Gah, I go away for a month and suddenly I’m so behind the times. (Ok, it was in fact longer than a month.) Even the template engine has changed more than I had expected from the late “alpha.” (Was really closer to a late beta.)

  12. yami wrote:

    Thanks! I think I can take credit for it this time – you’re looking at the giraffe, yeah?
    I dunno that the transition has been all that smooth – I didn’t bother with any of that redirecting old archives to new ones, 404s all over the place, and you’ll note that half my template links are still broken. There’s a ton of minor tweaking left to do.

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