Friday Random Ten-and-Twelve

When Spring Break is in your heart and in your mind, every day is the start of a nine-day weekend.

  1. The Pogues – Hell’s Ditch – Six to Go
  2. MC Einar – Arh Dér! – Vildmandens Winergryde
  3. Stones in the Field – Come Singing, Come Dancing – Father O’Flynn / Tobin’s Favorite
  4. Ashley MacIsaac – Fine, Thank You Very Much – Allowa Kirk
  5. Nena – Nena – Nur Geträumt
  6. Fairport Convention – Jewel in the Crown – A Surfeit of Lampreys

    Will there ever be a Random Ten without this album on it? I don’t sanitize the results of the shuffle. But if necessary I’ll turn the knob to 11, ’cause this just isn’t Spring Break.

  7. Ashley MacIsaac – Fine, Thank You Very Much – The Braes of Elchies
  8. Davy Spillane – Sounds of Stone: Artists for Mullaghmore – The May Morning Dew
  9. Cherish the Ladies – The Girls Won’t Leave the Boys Alone – Freeborn Man of a Traveling People
  10. MC Einar – Arh Dér! – 28° Seqineqanngitsumi
  11. Acoustic Mayhem – Traditional Music and More – Roseville Fair

The week’s best search requests:

  • pinging in the kidneys
  • molotov + snail
  • princess monkey + blog
  • girls painted like cows porn
  • scandinavian mint worms
  • denmark political degenerate
  • I want info on Mung beans NOw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • venusian passport
  • the young men not willing to have children and what the women think
  • Handmaid’s Tale Pneumatic


  1. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    That urgent demand for mung bean information is great. It’s like the internet equivalent of pressing the same elevator button really hard, multiple times.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yeah but they don’t make elevator-button mochi!

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