Two Tuesday Links

Because it is Tuesday. I’m on quite the weekday kick, maybe I should buy some cutesy underwear.

  • Kittens!
  • Here’s a conversation I’ve had with basically all my male friends with whom it is reasonable to have such a conversation:

    Me: Hey, don’t guys ever bond about their testicles or whatever?
    Him: Not really.
    Me: Why not?
    Him: Dunno.
    Me: ‘Cause it seems like a reasonable topic for same-sex bonding. Women (in my experience) do it all the time, blah blah uterus blah.
    Him: Um.

    So now Bitch Ph.D. points out a perfectly fine post wherein a man contemplates his penis, and what happens in the comments section? People start talking about the G-spot. Bephallicled readers, I confess that the occasional conversation about one’s facial hair does not strike me as sufficient, so I don’t understand why penis posts don’t get half the response of menstruation posts.

  • Brazil is awesome.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Well, I completely neglect the charm of menstruation posts, so we’re equally, if oppositely, baffled.

  2. denisdekat wrote:

    Yeah, I read about Brazil, this is cause they have Lula, a socialists. South America is going socialist and very anti American. I can speak for all the folks I keep in touch with in chile, where %95 of my huge family is, most folks there now see America as the bad guy. Can you believe it? America used to be the good guys… Pretty sad really…

  3. yami wrote:

    Des: As long as you don’t neglect the charm of kittens.
    Denisdekat: I find it hard to believe anyone in Latin America has seen the US as the good guy since the 80s.

  4. denisdekat wrote:

    Believe it or not some did, some folks loved the breaking of the soviet union, many folks thought it was a huge step forward…
    BTW, those kitties were so cute

  5. Rana wrote:

    Adorable kittens! (The other pictures there are pretty good too — I love the cherry blossom and the chain.)
    No idea about the penis/testicles thing. You’d think, given the quirkiness of the apparatus, it’d warrant discussion. I guess not.

  6. yami wrote:

    Yebbut the Contras! Salvadoran death squads! Anticommunist policy was at best a mixed bag.

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