The Magic is Gone

So I had this hair on my upper arm. Rather than being just another bit of anemic peach fuzz, it was like two inches long, kinda curly, and magic. It ate Lucky Charms for breakfast, mac’n’cheez for lunch and turned water into shampoo!

Just now I was admiring its unique length and silkiness when it fell out of the follicle. I am bereft of magic arm hair! Without its protection, I’m open to all sorts of supernatural arm hair foul play – and just in time for school to start, too.

Help me, I’m frightened.


  1. ximena wrote:

    I remember the Amazingly Long Arm Hair. Didn’t we discover it in french senior year? It was truly awesome to behold, a strand among fuzz. I think you should fear not, for if it has lasted since that time…it will surely return.

  2. Sabine wrote:

    Could there be some kind of Magic Arm-hair Growing Potion? I will look through my potion books and see. I’m sure I can UPS that, though hopefully it does not require a full moon to make.

  3. Lauren wrote:

    It is not magic, it is merely a rogue pubic hair. If you scream at it enough to go to its home it eventually will.

  4. yami wrote:

    It’s much blonder than my pubic hair, though.

  5. Rana wrote:

    I have one of those. It’s not magic, though. *pout*
    It _ought_ to grow back…

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