Operation Frozen Beaver a Dismal Failure

Canada’s specially-designed Hans Island flag smushed; clearly Mother Nature recognizes Danish sovereignty:

Like the Inukshuk, the flag left behind is unique, designed for the mission and constructed and assembled in secrecy.

The idea was to erect a flag that would always be unfurled, similar to the U.S. flags left behind on the moon. Making it from metal was seen as a way of ensuring it did not deteriorate in the high winds.
Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller told a Danish government committee shortly after Exercise Frozen Beaver that the Canadian flag had already been flattened by harsh winds.

“How do I know that? We’re monitoring the island, of course. It’s a part of Danish territory,” he was quoted as saying.


  1. wolfa wrote:

    You are taking way too much pleasure in this story, I think.

  2. yami wrote:


  3. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    No, it’s more that the story is dishing out way too much pleasure.
    Honestly, I think that the island is Canada’s, if only because the flag-based fight over this tiny chunk of ice is the most Canadian thing I have read about in ages.

  4. yami wrote:

    It takes two to have a flag-based fight, certainly. But given the course of Danish history, the real question is, what are Per Stig Moller’s drinking habits?

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