How Homosexuality Hurts You

After years of pestering wacky homophobic activists to describe the precise mechanisms by which same-sex parenting will cause the downfall of society, and getting back nothing but gobbledygook, it seems that the March of Science (or actually, in this instance, the October of Nature) has produced an answer at last:

Here we show that the C. gattii outbreak isolates comprise two distinct genotypes. The majority of isolates are hypervirulent and have an identical genotype that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. A minority of the isolates are significantly less virulent and share an identical genotype with fertile isolates from an Australian recombining population. Genotypic analysis reveals evidence of sexual reproduction, in which the majority genotype is the predicted offspring. However, instead of the classic a-alpha sexual cycle, the majority outbreak clone appears to have descended from two alpha mating-type parents. Analysis of nuclear content revealed a diploid environmental isolate homozygous for the major genotype, an intermediate produced during same-sex mating. These studies demonstrate how cryptic same-sex reproduction can enable expansion of a human pathogen to a new geographical niche and contribute to the ongoing production of infectious spores. This has implications for the emergence of other microbial pathogens and inbreeding in host range expansion in the fungal and other kingdoms.

[Links and emphasis added by yours truly]

The homosexualists are raising spores – infectious spores! – which enable the expansion of Teh Gay from its native San Francisco into towns like Bumblefuck, Kansas. It’s, like, bioterrorism! Whoa.

This argument is sure to enlighten discussion boards across the internet, but remember, you saw it here first.


  1. Sabine wrote:

    Raising spores!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    It’s the END of Civilized Society as We Know It!!!

  2. yami wrote:

    And I for one welcome our new pathogenic homosexual yeast overlords.

  3. LDH wrote:

    My employers should give thanks that I did not have a mouth full of Coca-Cola when I read the previous comment, else my keyboard would have been engulfed as I guffawed…

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