The Last-Minute Ballot

Governor: Angelides
Lt. Governor: Garamendi
Colonel Leftenant Governor-Admiral General: I really wish such an office existed.
Secretary of State: Bowen – she believes in paper trails.
Lesser State Offices: party-line Democrat
Senator: Todd Chretien – although I kind of like the good cop/bad cop routine that Boxer and Feinstein have played over the years, I am getting sick of the centrist toadying. And she’ll probably win anyway. Yay protest voting!
Representative: Barbara Lee! Smoochies!
State Assembly: Both candidates look ok. Abstain.
State Board of Equalization, District 1: Betty Yee

Judicial offices: I can’t read the scret code words that make “apply the law fairly” different from “equal treatment under the law”. All voter information is useless to me.

1A: Micromanaging the legislature… put on the ballot by the legislature… I’m confused. But, it’s a constitutional amendment, so I’ll vote no.
1B: Haveta pick a bond issue to vote no on, just on general principle. No.
1C: Yes.
1D: Yes.
1E: Yes.
83: Civil liberties much? No.
84: Yes.
85: Why yes, I do want pregnant girls to be beaten up when they are forced to tell their parents! Wait. No.
86: Yes.
87: Yes.
88: No. I like taxes, and spending, but not this kind of nit-picky micromanagement.
89: Yes.
90: for the love of crikey, NO – although I think it’s very bad policy to use eminent domain to put private property into private hands, I don’t think this notion deserves to be enshrined in the constitution. Also, if Prop 90 passes, we will never be able to create effective environmental or land use regulations ever again. Libertoonian moronry! It’ll be worse than Prop 13.

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