It’s been twelve hours; I’m almost ready to start thinking about food again. Not eating it, but skittering my olfactory imaginations towards the smell of bacon, and then diving under the covers when it gets too realistic.

And I have to say, it’s a bit weird to see the friends I’ve been celebrating the past several Thanksgivings with profiled in MAKE. But if you ever wanted instructions for a gravy fountain (and other projects), well, now you can have them. Ditto how to cook in lava. Not that we tried that.

This year? A pecan piecosahedron. Not quite as showy as a gravy fountain, but it was tastier as pie than the gravy fountain was as gravy. Somehow, I suspect that this crew is maturing past the wildest turkey-themed exploits of our youth; I heard someone remark on the lateness of the hour at a mere 1:30 am.

Some things I am thankful for:

  • The giant-ass blue plastic cup I found in the trash last spring. It holds enough milk to drink with a whole bowl of mac’n’cheez.
  • Old friends who can make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.
  • New friends who make me feel like I fit in society, in a way I wasn’t sure I would outside of Tech.
  • Down-filled comforters.
  • Cough drops. I woke up from my first tryptophan nap with a sore throat, dagnabbit.
  • My immune system. Throat notwithstanding I am generally healthier than most horses.
  • Cheesy analogies and bad puns.
  • Random mugs from which to drink tea and soup.
  • Speaking nonsense in a silly voice.
  • Gears.

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  1. A Blog Around The Clock on 25 Nov 2006 at 11:34 pm

    Blogrolling: G…

    Let’s keep moving down the alphabet. Let me know what is missing from this list………


  1. Andrew Ironwood wrote:

    Speaking nonsense in a silly voice

    Glossolalia is *so* underrated…

    (…and I think the holiday season would be the appropriate time to tell you [if I haven’t already]: I am henceforth considering you my ‘blog-aunt’ [grin]…)

  2. b wrote:

    New friends who make me feel like I fit in society, in a way I wasn’t sure I would outside of Tech.

    Then you have found something rare and precious indeed. Be very, very thankful.

  3. Lab Lemming wrote:

    My only question is this:

    With the fractal pie, did they get the pecans toasted without drying out the matrix too much?

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