Reminder: NYC Reader Meet-Up (FREE BEER!)

Final details ahoy! Not only will this be a fun time hanging out with your favorite Internet friends you’ve never met, Seed will buy the first round of booze (or not-booze, if you’re into that sort of thing in the middle of the afternoon).

2-4 pm, Saturday, August 9

795 8th Ave (close to 49th St.)
New York, NY 10019

…and as far as I know, I will be the only one there to defend the beer-drinkin’ honor of my chosen profession. Eep!


  1. Abel Pharmboy wrote:

    Looking forward to meeting you! (and sharing some fine fermented grain; and talking about coal-bed methane!)

  2. BrianR wrote:

    Sounds like fun … wish I could be there. You better show all those chumps how it’s done!

  3. Falyne wrote:

    That was a lot of fun. And the horsies were awesome!

    But, oh noes… time for diff eq again… I haz a sad.

    Seriously, though, that meetup was freaking sweet! ^_^

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