Reminder: Seattle Millionth Comment Party Today

TODAY! TODAY TODAY! Come party with me, Sandra, Dave, and GrrlScientist in the upper mezzanine at Ozzie’s, 105 W. Mercer St. just behind the Space Needle*.

Some of the Seattle Skeptics are showing up, and later on, a few folks from the Pacific Science Center. Meet lots of people who care about science and science education, and drink beer (or orange juice, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing) on Seed’s dime! We’ll buy the first couple of rounds, at least, and keep going until we run out of budget.

We’ll start at 4 and carry on until… um, I’m not sure how long we’ll carry on, but I promised my Science Center friend that we’d be there until at least 6:30.

Hope to see you there!

*I refuse to call it Seattle Center. Dumbest name EVAR, especially for something that is decidedly off-center from downtown.


  1. lurker mel wrote:

    The party was great! It was good to meet everybody.

  2. Chris H. wrote:

    It was fun tonight, thanks for the food… I was mistaken on the locations of Whole Foods as you were darting into the MetropolitanMarket, there is another one near downtown on Westlake:

    Good luck that coffee flavored soy stuff.

  3. Chris H. wrote:

    Sorry, this is as I think of it since the conversation was as we were leaving. Have you been to ?

    It is a just a hop and skip from the International District bus tunnel station. What you do is take the escalator out of the tunnel station, turn east and then south and walk down to the cross walk light (it is in the middle of a large block). Then cross, go through a courtyard between two buildings, cross another street and you are there! Big grocery store with lots of interesting fruits and vegies, lots of imported beverages and an awesome bookstore (my daughter buys lots of her Japanese language books there).

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