I’m going to ditch most of my proposed link pages in favor of the simplicity that is Link-O, and then maybe cave in and put a small selection of web rings on the main page. It feels wrong, and underdone somehow, as my previous web sites have all had multiple pages full of yikkity-small rings. Such is life.

And on a totally random note, I need your help. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I found a picture of an old man, sitting in a typically old-mannish chair, reading a newspaper. He may have been wearing a pink shirt. Since it’s currently propaganda season for my pseudo-frat, I’d like to find many similar images for subversive non-commercial use. If you have anything you think I’d be interested in, please send it along. Winners will be credited here, and other fabulous prizes will be given as I see fit.

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