an audience at last!

Holy shit! Someone actually reads this thing! The good Lord Tychonievich also remembers Red Pop. Thank goodness it’s not just me going nuts, I’ve managed to drag someone else along with me.

My first actual response to a random query. It feels like some sort of milestone, a mark of maturity for the journal I started three weeks ago because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I feel as though I ought to have some sort of explanation – or at least an intended audience – but I don’t. I’m not writing this purely for myself – I’ve got a perfectly good notebook I can use for that. I suppose I’m in it partly for the ego trip, and partly for the connecting with random people aspect, and partly for other reasons I can’t think of right now, and just because it’s fun. And mostly for the small army of minions. Everyone wants minions.

I think that before I go any further in my Pretentious Intellectual Development (read: stuff that doesn’t require calculus), I should seriously sit down and think about whether or not the unexamined life is really worth living. And to a certain extent, I think it probably is – deep philosophical investigations into the ultimate sources of ethics are time-consuming, and generally I don’t find them very rewarding. The world would probably be better off if I took that time and spent it tutoring disadvantaged sixth-graders or something.

Also, a plug for the vacant lot, because I liked it. The people over there are one or more of the following: hip, intelligent, witty, insane.

Two of my coworkers went to the University of Iowa because it’s such a great a party school. I wanted to smack them, or at least say something super-geeky about physics and how real parties have a two-story plywood structure and custom laser effects, but they wouldn’t stop talking long enough to get a hand in edgewise. Tomorrow, I’ll just stick my head in the oven until I’m high as a kite on EZ-Off, and it should be more tolerable. Thank god for the other sarcastic bitch on the crew, and the random middle-aged man, and the cute painter boy who occasionally comes in after us. It’s too bad my geekschool flirting skills don’t seem to transfer to normal society.

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