Life in Copenhagen

By popular demand… it’s Life in Copenhagen. When I’m being a smartass, I’ll usually describe it as very Danish, which of course it is. I will go further and say that this city is about as hygge as a city can get, hygge being a classically Danish word that seems roughly equivalent to “warm and fuzzy”. Also, nobody jaywalks, and now that the tourists have vanished my aggressive pedestrianizing habits are getting me some odd looks.

I live in a kollegium, which is fairly nice and has cheap rent, and I’m taking three classes, plus Danish. Since I finally figured out where to go to sign up for exams, so I can actually get some credit and not have all my financial aid yanked away from me, school is wonderful; initially, the incredible decentralized-ness of the KU administration was a bit of a headache. Other things that are wonderful include Netto, S-togene, and chocolate milk.

Oh, and I haven’t had any run-ins with Danish sheep yet, but I have been rejected by a Danish cow. During a retreat to the tiny village of Brorfelde, we toured an organic farm – where “toured” means “slopped through a muddy field until we could pet the cows.” Unfortunately, I didn’t bring along any sugary cow-treats, and the cows all looked with disdain at my pathetic handfuls of grass, and I was terribly hurt.

Meanwhile, I’m completely shocked to discover that I’ve been here for more than two months already, and it’s time to start planning a vacation for the mid-semester break. Since next week my climate modelling class is taking me on a most-expenses-paid trip to a research station in Sweden, I think it might be a good idea to go to Ireland the week after, or perhaps London, or both. Hmmmm… any suggestions?

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