Juggling Cabbages

I have an informal mental list of things I shouldn’t juggle, including sharp things, burning things, billiard balls, and now also cabbages. Cabbages are too large and dense to easily start juggling without assistance, and if you’ve never done any sort of two-person juggling before, trying to pass four heads of cabbage in the main walkway of a kitchen before cooking supper usually ends quickly with a loud noise and some tenderized cabbage. On the bright side, there’s nothing like cooking four heads of dropped cabbage to induce some silly camaraderie.

Gratuitous use of the word “cabbage” aside, this weekend was almost exactly what I needed – a small group of people, many of who were new and interesting, and a quiet retreat setting kind of like when I would run outside to my grandparents’ greenhouse-cum-guesthouse as a kid and paint things. I learned which mushroom smells like pale purple, and which ones will induce nausea and hallucinations. I also drank way too much gammel dansk (any gammel dansk is too much, really) ate an absurd quantity of pickled herring, and only narrowly avoided falling into the dark rye shadow of rugbrød. Traditional Danish food is definitely something that needs to be taken in small quantities and diluted with lots of bland things, unless of course you’re talking about dessert.

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