false hopes

It’s nice to open up your email and see 41 new messages – makes you wonder if something exciting happened while you were asleep, as is occasionally the case. Today, though, I got my hopes up and was rewarded by a fuckload of old messages from RedHat. There’s nothing like an updated mod_auth_pgsql package to make me feel loved!

I started off this morning with rather high hopes for doing a little workish reading, but after spending three quarters of an hour wandering the massively under-construction library at the geological institute and impulsively browsing the Memoirs of the Indian Geological Survey (which were on the reading-room shelf marked “Am. Soc. Geo.” along with issues of the Journal of Geophysical Research from 1978) I figured maybe I should wait until I’ve got a bit more initiative & motivation. Where “motivation” means “rapidly approaching deadline”.

And, rereading last night’s entry, I realized that I’ve started to leave out more and more background details when I blog, assuming that most of you audience-people have some kind of a handle on it already. Which is a bit unfortunate from the acquiring-new-minions perspective, and I do like my minions. On the other hand, I am feeling less and less compelled to think up clever punchlines for every single entry, which is probably useful from the me-keeping-a-journal perspective. Hmm. It’s a tossup.

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