things about busses

I got to ride on the top of a double-decker bus this afternoon, and it absolutely made my day. Other things I noticed were:

  • My month-old boots (well, month-old to me, I bought them used) are already wearing down on the outside of the heel, which seems to be a bit of a fad among all my shoes. When I stand still and fidget on my feet, I put most of the weight on the outsides, and I suppose I do it when I walk too but it’s not so easy to pay attention then. So tonight I tried standing more towards the inside of my feet, and I felt a bit pigeon-toed. Then I did a little dance at the bus stop, but I hid it inside my big ol’ jacket. It was mostly my hands that were dancing anyway.
  • I am utterly unable to tell the difference between weather that’s only a little bit crappy, and weather that’s moderately crappy. Yesterday was only a little bit crappy, but today was apparently respectable crap weather, because the morning bus was twice as crowded as usual from all the people too chicken to ride their bikes. To me it felt pretty much like yesterday, and the extra rain was just a bonus.
  • The window display of the Scottish Pub, which is the window I lean against when I’m waiting for the bus to come take me home, had a little tourist map of Copenhagen crumpled in one corner. I’ve made such good use of that map in the past three months that now whenever I see it, I want to coo like a woman with a screaming biological clock. It’s frightening, really.

Incidentally, I don’t feel at all guilty when I blog in list format. If we have anything to learn from the success of High Fidelity, it’s that books with recurring list motifs are popular and easily adapted into fun-but-forgettable movies. And the moderate commercial success of a fun-but-forgettable movie is fuckin’ gravy for a college student. The Paramount studio execs will be around any day now, I swear.

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