Joy of Joys

The best thing about college on a quarter system is that you get 50% more exam weeks than those weaklings on semester schedules. It seems like barely an eyeblink since the term started, but it also seems like forever, and that averages out to midterms. If my entries for the next week or so are hasty, mathy, bitchy, or just not there at all – you have been warned.

I guess I did promise to say something about how the showers tried to kill me when I was just a wee frosh, but since they’ve mostly stopped that and I no longer live in constant fear, that’s not so exciting. Of course, last night as I was checking the water temperature prior to stepping in, I tried to adjust the angle of the showerhead. It would move up, but not down, and so after a good yank pointed it almost to the ceiling I stood there for a good five minutes applying all the force I could muster to various strategic-looking points… and then finally thought to turn off the water. D’oh.

So if I’m not living in constant fear, I’m at least living in constant confusion. That’s not so bad.


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