whoa fuck

Note to self: do not forget to keep an updated email address on file with your web host. Otherwise, you will have no idea that they’re discontinuing their splendiferous free service until the week before it happens. My account will be deleted on Feb. 28th, unless I decide to shell out for hosting at f2s – I may actually decide to do so, once I’ve gotten a chance to do some price-checking.


  • Buy myself a new network card, get my ass together and configure my own unreliable server.
  • Find a new free host, probably with ad banners and no perl or php. I’ve been spoiled, and this is really not palatable as a long-term solution.
  • Spend money. I do have *some* discretionary spending pocket money, though not too much – recommendations, anyone?

Regardless: I’ve got a new redirecting URL, http://drink.to/greengabbro, which will soon point to someplace much less likely to be deleted in the next week. Pretty please, use that for your links and bookmarks and such until I tell you it’s safe to stop.


  1. J. Dunn wrote:

    Well, I’ve got plenty of extra space and bandwidth, so I could set you up with a subdomain on my site if you want. You’d perhaps have less control over things than you would if you had your own hosting, but it’d be free, and you could probably badger me into making any changes you’d need made fairly promptly most of the time. Anyway… it’s an option if you can’t come up with anything satisfactory elsewhere and whatnot.

  2. vladster wrote:


  3. Jaemie wrote:

    Sorry I didn’t get back to your comment … but I just found out about the hosting through another F2S hosted site. Did they bother to send an email to everyone? I never got one. I just got one today about users.f2s.com going down. This sucks, but I found hosting. Good luck to you.

  4. yami wrote:

    I never got an email either… but then, when I checked, I didn’t have an email address on file with them somehow. So if they did send one, I missed it.
    ah well. looks like el-cheapo hosting is more plentiful than I thought. for anyone else in this bind, try findahost – they’ve got a nice flexible search engine.

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