Exploding Toilet

I was outside eating lunch and one of the upstairs toilets exploded and water started cascading down the flight of stairs leading up to my room. Which should teach me to keep my room a mess and all my ruinable things on the floor – but the flood went the other way down the hall and my carpet was spared, along with all of my hastily-shelved items.

There are more pictures in the photoblog.


  1. Dennis wrote:

    All I can say is “yuck.” And “cool.”

  2. Ralph wrote:

    What exactly makes a toilet explode?

  3. yami wrote:

    I don’t know… and I don’t think I want to, either.
    The carpet on the stairs still smells rank.

  4. Tinka wrote:

    You can get a toilet to explode if you pour cleaning agents of the non-agreeing kind down the same toilet at the same time. Thus spake my mother who is a retired cleaning-assistent.

  5. yami wrote:

    Although, if we’re going to be technical about things, it was actually one of the supply pipes leading to the toilet and not the toilet itself that exploded.

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