They Have Blogs!

He’s an intellectual pot-smoking blowhard without a clue. She’s a righteous geeky brat obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They have blogs!


  1. william wrote:

    Whaddaya know? They really DO have blogs!

  2. Tinka wrote:

    *laughs hard*

  3. Tinka wrote:

    On second thought, *damn* some of these randomly generated people sound interesting. Could just be my breakfast consisting of red wine. Natch.

  4. yami wrote:

    So, even though I remember consciously mining all the blogs I read for filler descriptions, it still shocks me to no end when I randomly get something that actually sounds like one of the blogs I read

  5. Tinka wrote:

    Damn, Yami. Now I start guessing who’s who. Let me guess. The male stripper who’s once castrated a pig is Dennis?

  6. Rasmus wrote:

    I love it. It’s a way of life!
    (hidden reference to Frank Zappa … well, it WAS hidden, until I just brought it all out in the open).

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