Someone Disagrees

An anonymous admission:

I want underwire. I want velvet. I want cute frills. I want to look like a
C-cup. Yeah, like I’m ever going to go *there*

Velvet? Well… maybe for special occasions. But while we’re on the topic of feminine underthings, I’d like to take a moment to plug the concept of reusable cloth maxipads. I got a bit hot and bothered over the idea back in February, and wound up ordering a set from Many Moons.

They’re fabulous; the only fun part about menstruating. Sure, that whole “soak ’em in cold water and they won’t stain!” bit is a huge lie, but they wash up better than one might think. And they’re comfortable! I’ve stopped itching for the last couple days of my period. Yeah, I’ve got finicky skin and a couple chemical sensitivities, but this is the first time they’ve ever saved me money on consumer products while granting me the moral superiority of a righteous environmentalist. I’m totally fucking thrilled.

Evangelical ecofeminist out.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Damn. I feel lucky to be a guy …

  2. lisa wrote:

    I just found out about something called The Keeper. I haven’t tried it myself (yet), but I have a couple friends who use it and say they like it. The best part is that one Keeper can last more than a decade.

  3. Tinka wrote:

    Manipads? Oh, the entire discussion brings out the feminist in me. I’m sure the people behind various sanitory towels (as they are modestly known in Blighty) try to make me feel like a baby by designing the towels as if they were baby nappies/diapers (word depending on your geographical location). From baby to .. er .. grown baby?

  4. Tinka wrote:

    I should learn to spell-check

  5. yami wrote:

    The Keeper kind of creeps me out – but I hate tampons anyway. I don’t hate them as much as I hate tampon commercials, of course, but that’s another story.
    Rasmus, aren’t there any yucky guy things you have to deal with, like cleaning the smegma from your foreskin or getting whacked in the testicles?

  6. Jo wrote:

    Personally, I recommend the contraceptive injection. No periods at all (yay!) and you’re protected if your condom breaks

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