Service with a Smile

So I went down to the 24-hour grocery at midnight to purchase the ritual $50 worth of hard liquor for my birthday. The guy who carded me barely grunted – something about “just over the line, eh?” but it was too poorly enunciated to make out. You were supposed to wish me a happy birthday, fucko.

Thankfully for my feeble, hungry ego, the whole freakin’ distributed republic of blogistan seems to have gathered to cheer me on. Thanks, guys! Now if only you could sing for a group webcast…

happy birthday!

Actually, this particular message only came twice, but it was the same capitalization and punctuation from two wildly different IPs, which I thought was faintly impressive.

As John Lennon so aptly put it: “They say it’s your birthday…”

They also say you want a revolution. And in this case, they’re right on both counts!

I dag er det Marias f dselsdag – Hurra Hurra Hurraaa! – Hun sikkert sig en
gave f r – Som hun har nsket sig i r – Med dejlig chokolade og kager til !!!
Tillykke med dagen! (Ras)

Tusind tak, Rasmus! Jeg fik gaven i marts, det var min kamera – men hvor er kager henne??? Jeg havde kun en lille ostetærte og selvfølgelig nogen øl. Nu vil jeg gerne have lidt mere chokolade…


  1. lisa wrote:

    Happy Birthday. (punctuated in yet another way)
    Don’t forget to change your profile (20 > 21), though only after you’ve enjoyed that hard liquor.

  2. yami wrote:

    Good god, I have the same birthday as your weblog! Will such silly coincedences ever cease to haunt me?

  3. sarah wrote:

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you etc
    make sure you get well hammered and do lots of cool things.

  4. Tinka wrote:

    Jeg gav dig kager! How quickly thou dost forget! Of course that was ages ago..
    Te’l k’ me’ dagen! (yo! Danish dialect!)

  5. Fi wrote:

    happy bday!
    you are interesting and i like you. you are now linked on my site. the end (.com)

  6. yami wrote:

    But Tinka, it doesn’t count if I’ve eaten them already, the whole point is that my sweet tooth is hungry now!

  7. Tinka wrote:

    Hmph. I can’t really send you muffins across the Atlantic, now can I?

  8. yami wrote:

    Not really, no, but my old flatmate made me cookies so that’s all right now =)
    Do muffins really count as kager? I always thought of them as healthy breakfast foods.

  9. francis s. wrote:

    That was me with the John Lennon quote, twice – my ISP gives me an everchanging IP number

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