Link Your Thirst

Recent discussion on the nature and meaning of blog-links leaves me craving a flashier pair of sneakers. If links are self-expression in the form of consumptive choices, what differentiates a link to Tom Tomorrow from the purchase of an F-350? Both are expressions of group affiliation: I am one of the liberals, I am one of the manly men. Whether or not one can properly define an individual as the intersection of many such groups – jesus fuck, man, I’m not touching that topic with a ten foot scrollbar.

Nevertheless, the question remains: do we really want to put our consumer choices on the same level as our secretive midnight poetry scribbles?
I would say so, if and only if we can get small Indonesian children to write our blogs at three cents an hour.

Speaking of sweatshops, I have two intrepid guestbloggers lined up for my finals week / Fish Lake Valley non-posting extravaganza. I’m sure either one of them alone could easily outdo my recent lackadasical posting rate with super flair and fabulosity, but there’s still plenty of space left for you to join the fun. That bit about dubious recipes was total crap, by the way – I’m far too lazy to organize that sort of thing. So don’t worry about being asked to do strange things, or participate in baffling group activities, or even post at all.

I’m really just here for the popularity contest.

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