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And we’re coming up on Ditch Day, where the seniors abandon campus after constructing elaborate little games designed to let you into their rooms (only after a day of labor) so you can have some treats. By this point, the whole campus has been cordoned off with black plastic and scribbled signs reading “Seniors Only!” save for a small twisty path we underclassmen can navigate to get to class.

Which is great, except that all my senior friends have vanished inside that black plastic, leaving me to sit alone, in the rain, with my homework, all week*. Waah.

Meanwhile, via the den, we have another dissection of the blogging universe:

It seems that college bloggers share more than the compulsion to discuss their private problems in public; turns out they share the same problems as well – they are unlucky in love, have no money, don’t know what they want to do with their lives, don’t like their classes, or their major, or their school. The average college blog is insipid only when it isn’t inane.

Which isn’t to say that all college blogs are the same. Although at bottom every blog has the same underlying premise – “Hey, look at me!” – plaintive pleas for cyber-sympathy manifest themselves in different ways.

We here at Green Gabbro pride ourselves on being insipid and inane, usually at the same time, and often we’re irrelevant to boot. We also like kittens. Aww.

*well, it hasn’t been raining all week, but it’s sure as hell raining now.

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  1. Kat wrote:

    I don’t even want to think about my Minutiae Index… blah blog it is.

  2. yami wrote:

    I do think there was a category missing – what about those bloggers who confuse nonsensical kooky randomness with delightful cutting-edge art? Sophisticated, meaningless spun-sugar intellectualism (look what I found at the library!) and all that; the Undead Dada. I won’t name names, though it’s tempting.
    But yeah, I’m firmly in the blah blog category too, though I think I may have transitioned from a fairy princess sometime in November. Hooray for Minutiae!

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