Geophysics vs. the Universe

In the past few hours I’ve eaten some leftover mac’n’cheez, a strawberry ring pop, a few pills, and water. So when I burp, it tastes like a Thai iced tea.

My stomach is brilliant.

Re: geology vs. geophysics – the difference is really in the approach. Instead of putting rocks in our mouths and exclaiming “ooh, halite! we must be in an old lake bed!” we geophysicists bang on the ground with sledgehammers and exclaim “great gallumphing seismic refractions! there’s oil down there!” Think geology + extra math and stress tensors.

Also, geological field camp usually involves a good deal of beer in the evenings, but geophysical field camp is dry. Boo, hiss.


  1. mishmish wrote:

    but what are the differences betn geophysics and geology?i want them in a table view where differences are made by point to point i.e 1,2,3,……

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