Geophysics through the solar system

  1. hermeophysics
  2. aphroditophysics
  3. geophysics
  4. areophysics
  5. jovophysics
  6. cronophysics
  7. coelophysics
  8. poseidophysics
  9. hadeophysics


  1. yami wrote:

    jovophysics: the physical study of happiness – prozac on a grant budget! yeah!
    areophysics: a misspelling by aeronautics engineers who just want to be loved

  2. Timprov wrote:

    I’m pretty sure 2 should be venereophysics.

  3. william wrote:

    No, I think aphroditophysics is better, using the Greek name as w/ geophysics (vs. terraphysics). Coelo- is Latin, though, isn’t it? Wouldn’t Ouranophysics or something like that fit in better?

  4. Zed wrote:

    Yeah, I was going with Greek names, consistent with ‘geo-‘, hence preferring ‘aphodito-‘ over ‘venero-‘. Don’t what what I was thinking with ‘jovo-‘, Jove being, of course, an alternative Roman name for Jupiter. It should be something more like zeuophysics.
    And William is quite right about Coelus being Roman, and ouranophysics being the appropriate one. I was thrown by the inconsistency in the names of the planets that one of the non-Earth planets has a Greek name. Thanks a load, Bode.

  5. Timprov wrote:

    Sure, maybe it’s better if you’ve invented them and consistency is desirable. But the study of Venus is already venereology. Going for consistency with the words we already have, hermeophysics and areophysics are correct (and you should have selenophysics). I’m not convinced of 5-9, but I’m not sure what words are already being used for them.

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