Panties Ready for Bunching

Today I’ve been hunting down rants. Discarding a misguided list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters ever (Porky Pig made it in over Marvin the Martian? Apoplexy!) and a sanctimonious Fast Food Nation fueled look at butchery (I don’t give a shit about the cows, you understand, but I hate to be responsible for negligent treatment of human life and limb), I’m left with slim pickings.

Thankfully, Simon the Fake Lintott is openly planning to post on “why socks suck”. The mere thought of such a post brings me to staggering heights of flabbergasted outrage. As I noted early on, socks are the most wonderfully fun pieces of clothing ever – or at least since codpieces and hats with excessive feathers.

Perhaps he was talking about the kind of socks that have to match your trousers, or some other quirky British usage. Have patience, gentle readers, all will be settled in due time.

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  1. Sock Rebuttal on 30 Nov 2007 at 1:13 am

    […] trial hooha I’ll be doing in the next few months) to discover that Simon has responded to my tempestuous gauntlet-throwing. Like any sensible blogger, he chooses to duel with rhetoric. So without further ado, let me […]


  1. Simon wrote:

    Socks may be great in many ways, but there is one thing about them that sucks immensely. I will get to it in due time (i.e. not this week)…

  2. des wrote:

    I would not leave the house without socks on (me, not the house). My socks never match – as a mathematician I define a pair of socks to be “a sock, plus another sock” – but my preference for boots means that this is usually not obvious. It was considered hilarious in Japan, where shoes are not worn in private homes.
    Whether I am typical of the British public in these matters I have no idea. (Which is to say that I do, and I’m not.)

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