Tricky Treats

L.A. kids are big wussies – the slightest hint of rain, and not even FREE CANDY will lure them outside. Which means I am stuck with a bag full of mysterious Chinese candies labelled “Nutrition Delicious” – as far as I can tell, they are both unhealthful and disgusting, so the description makes sense.

So actually a few trick or treaters have come by, but none since I realized that offloading Nutrition Delicious should have been top priority all along.

Our pumpkins, however, are awesome.

The one is continuously vomiting fluorescent water. The other isn’t doing much, and in retrospect I think the eyes were a bit bright, as they distract from the spirally coat hanger antenna (which is mine, and very cute). But awesome nonetheless.

Happy All Saints’ Day, then, and let’s all try very hard not to gorge ourselves on pumpkin pancakes made from super-cheap surplus jack-o-lantern wannabes.


  1. Rana wrote:

    VERY cool!

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